Washington Nationals


The Washington Nationals selected Quatrefoil to design high-end exhibit cases and interpretive and environmental graphics for their recently opened FIS Champions Club. The cases display the club’s collection of memorabilia and trophies from its inaugural season to its 2019 World Series title and beyond.

Innovative dynamic lighting effects bring the collection of game-worn jerseys, trophies, baseballs, bats, and other objects alive in a 46-foot contiguous glass case. Smaller cases along the suite entrances hold vignette-type displays of baseball memorabilia.

Large-scale murals and interpretive graphics highlighting key moments and players in the team’s history create a celebratory mood in the Club Level of Nationals Park. In addition to creating the design, Quatrefoil was responsible for the production and installation of casework and graphics with our team of consultants and contractors.

Client: Washington Nationals

Exhibition Name: FIS Champions Club

Date: 2022

Location: Washington, DC