Virtual Science Center

Quatrefoil designed a 5,000-square-foot traveling exhibition on how virtual reality and augmented reality work. “Reinventing Reality” is an immersive exhibition where visitors can explore the science, creativity and innovation behind one of the world’s fastest-evolving technologies, virtual reality (VR).

Quatrefoil partnered closely with the in-house team at the Virtual Science Center to develop the activities, build prototypes and test these inquiry-based experiences in perceptual psychology, digital modeling and sensory displays.

The exhibition — presented in English and Spanish — combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts with playful interactives to reveal how individual elements of VR work. “Reinventing Reality” also introduces visitors to the social impacts of VR, from training astronauts to designing new cars and products.

Client: Virtual Science Center

Exhibition Name: Reinventing Reality: Explore the Science of Virtual Reality

Date: 2020