National Flag Foundation

One US Flag Center at Koppers

Quatrefoil was selected to plan, design and build One US Flag Center at Koppers. The historic Koppers Building is the headquarters of the National Flag Foundation and a major architectural feature of downtown Pittsburgh.

“The Stars and Stripes Experience” is an inspiring and thought-provoking exploration of the iconic symbol of the United States of America. The Flag History section presents a visitor-directed exploration of the history of the flag. Among the featured artifacts are 13-, 35-, 36- and 48-star flags from the U.S. centennial, Civil War and World War II eras and a World War I Blue-Star Service Flag. An interactive digital timeline invites visitors to delve into the living history of the flag through stories, quizzes, pictures and videos.

The Flag Stories section features a mini-theater and short films in which celebrities, veterans and everyday Americans share their perspectives on the flag. Visitors can then record their own flag stories.


Client: National Flag Foundation

Date: 2021

Location: Pittsburgh, PA