Museum of Boulder

In collaboration with the Museum of Boulder, Quatrefoil created the museum’s “Boulder Experience” permanent exhibition. This project offers an immersive trek through 160 years of the city’s innovative, complex and sometimes controversial history. It also maintains a strong connection to the present, focusing on the region’s cutting-edge institutions, organizations and businesses. But at its heart, the Boulder Experience is about people; the leaders, artists, explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes and community members that push boundaries and impact the world.

This Boulder Experience’s diverse collections and media-rich environment place visitors at the crossroads between the city’s past, present and future. Continually updated content streams flow through the exhibition transmitting the current pulse of Boulder’s social, scientific and technological communities.

The Boulder Experience goes beyond simply being an exhibition. In the spirit of the city itself, it is a place for debate, creativity, and action. Visitors can reconsider the city’s planning decisions, find and retrieve a stranded mountain climber, save the world from solar storms. They also can become makers in the “Google Garage”, an ancillary space designed for STE(A)M programming and “messing around” with a variety of high tech and no-tech materials.

Finally, Boulder Experience functions as a portal to the city itself. Prompts within the Boulder Experience point out the locations and distances (walking, biking or driving) to the ongoing stories beyond its walls. The exhibition piques visitors’ curiosity about exploring places where Boulder’s history was (and continues to be) made.


Client: Museum of Boulder

Date: Current