Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Museum

Juggling The Middle Ages brings alive the historic and enduring tale of the Juggler of Notre Dame, from its origins as a medieval French legend about a poor juggler who offers his humble artistic talents to the Virgin Mary as a gift, to its continued relevance and influence on popular culture today. “Art” is indeed the true gift.

The exhibit incorporates activities and interactive media pieces with a collection of priceless artifacts. After a successful run of the exhibit at Dumbarton Oaks Library and Museum, the museum engaged Quatrefoil to create a traveling exhibition using high-durability, lower-cost materials.

Highlights of our collaboration:

  • Showcasing exquisite art and artifacts against historic architectural backdrop
  • Translating topics of scholarly research and study into an accessible and rewarding visitor experience

Client: Dumbarton Oaks Library and Museum

Date: 2018, 2020

Location: Washington, DC