Communities in Schools

Quatrefoil was selected to design, fabricate and install an exhibit at the Communities in Schools headquarters building in Arlington, VA, to mark the organization’s 40th anniversary in 2018.

Each column traces the organization’s growth from its pre-history in the 1960s to its present day incarnation through text, images, graphics and milestones. Artifacts include Converse sneakers and a Starbucks cup printed with quotes from Communities in Schools Founder William Milliken.

Communities in Schools works with more than 2,000 schools across the United States to identify challenges the schools face and find solutions in the form of resources from community partners. The headquarters exhibit helps visitors understand the organization’s history and mission and its guiding principles. It also highlights how Communities in Schools has facilitated and created new partnerships and relationships to help build communities of support for schools and empower students to succeed.


Client: Communities in Schools

Date: 2018

Location: Arlington, VA