Annapolis Maritime Museum

The Annapolis Maritime Museum educates youth and adults about the area’s rich maritime heritage and the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Quatrefoil worked with the museum to create an exhibit that forges connections between visitors and the environment. Innovative hands-on activities foster positive outdoor experiences and help stimulate critical thinking.

The permanent exhibit is divided into three thematic sections: “Bay Health,” “Oyster Economy,” and “Annapolis Waters.” These themes provide a well-rounded understanding of the Chesapeake Bay as a thriving ecosystem as well as a major economic driver, both of which are integrally intertwined.

Interactives and media include a “virtual oysterman” projection, a Virtual Reality “On the Water” experience and “Half Shell Hero,” a digital interactive multiplayer game that explores the different ways in which waterman have harvested oysters in the past and today.


Client: Annapolis Maritime Museum

Date: 2021

Location: Annapolis, MD