America’s Islamic Heritage Museum

Quatrefoil designed America’s Islamic Heritage Museum and Cultural Center’s Master Plan in 2022, and is currently designing its new museum in Anacostia, a historic neighborhood in Washington DC. The America’s Islamic Heritage Museum will be a high-tech, state-of-the-art interactive museum that will educate visitors and build bridges of understanding of America’s diversity by sharing the rich history and contributions of Muslim Americans.

The exhibitions will guide the visitor from the early legends and travelers, through the personalities of the diaspora of the African slave trade and the Civil Rights era, to Muslim immigration, Muslims of American culture, contemporary America, and in service of America. Digital and analog interactive media will allow the museum to function as both a state-of-the-art storytelling space, as well as a dynamic social space, instigating dialogue, reflection, and learning.


Client: America’s Islamic Heritage Museum

Date: 2022

Location: Anacostia, Washington, DC

Service: Master Planning