American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

“AfterWARd: The Revolutionary Veterans Who Built America”

Quatrefoil was selected to design the inaugural temporary exhibition at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. This new exhibition tells the story of the nation’s transition from the Revolutionary War’s final shots at Yorktown to the founding of the new nation.

“AfterWARd” examines this critical moment through the lives of four individuals. Each played an important role in the final months of the conflict. Through their post-war lives, visitors explore the different paths these “first veterans” forged. This gallery’s design creates dramatic settings and highlights the more than 50 artifacts brought together from international collectors and museums specifically for this special exhibition.

Quatrefoil’s design includes multimedia interactives. “Have You Crossed Paths with Revolutionary Veterans?” invites visitors to answer a series of questions about their lives and reveals connections between the visitor and the exhibit’s main characters. “Tell Your Story” invites visitors to review biographies of dozens of U.S. veterans from across two centuries and to leave their own personal, handwritten comments. The comments are displayed on the gallery section’s wall alongside earlier visitor comments.


Client: American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Date: 2017

Location: Yorktown, PA