We want to help YOU activate your space and engage with visitors in a whole new way! Stop by BOOTH 1022 at AAM next week. Just drop off your business card for a chance to win a FREE workshop from the Quatrefoil team. We bring 30+ years of experience to the table and would be thrilled to share it with you.

BOOTH 1022 is the place to be in the MuseumExpo! The Expo is the place to make connections, exchange ideas, find innovative products, and meet your next exhibition or experience design collaborators. (Hopefully, that’s us!)

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Meet Our New Partners!

Stop by BOOTH 1022 to meet our partners from The Peale, Baltimore’s Community Museum. The Peale is based in the very first purpose-built museum in the Americas. It has become a hub for experimental learning and community involvement.

The Peale and Quatrefoil spend a lot of time thinking about what defines the museum experience. Where does the museum experience happen? What makes it relevant, and what makes it unique? While our clients offer us many new and interesting challenges to tackle with each new project, we’re always pushing ourselves to be ahead of the game—not just to be the first in applying a new technology, but in terms of where museums are going. What would best serve museums missions, and help them connect to their community, even if this means trying things that are unconventional? The Lab at The Peale, powered by Quatrefoil, provides us a place to experiment and play, not just with how to tell stories or interpret collections, but in imagining new ways for museums to exist and operate!

Quatrefoil Associates See You at #AAM2023. We'll be at booth 1022