From The Wickenburg (Ariz.) Sun

By Scott Turner
Sun Editor

“Hello there, I didn’t hear you come in,” an Old West storekeeper says, welcoming visitors to “the best general store around.”

He asks visitors if they just arrived from the train and suggests they can stay at the Vernetta Hotel just down the street.

It may have been a scene from Wickenburg’s past. But it’s something that may surprise visitors to the Desert Caballeros Western Museum. It’s a rear-screen projection on the bottom floor of the museum that includes a recreation of the town with an optician’s office, the hotel, post office, livery stable and saloon on what is now Frontier Street.

Music from the saloon and the arrival of a train can be heard by guests.

“He’s probably the most popular feature of the whole museum,” Museum Director Dan Finley said. He said plans are in the works in the future for another rear-screen projection as a counterpart at the saloon.


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