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Why Choose Quatrefoil for Your Exhibition or Design Project?

Quatrefoil’s designs inspire people to engage, to think, and to dream. One visitor’s experience expresses it all.

“As soon as I walked into this exhibit, the first thing that I felt was just like intense empathy. It made me inspired as an artist to express my feelings and it, and it made me inspired as an American to serve others so that maybe we can prevent these kinds of atrocities from happening again in the future, maybe become better as humans.”

–Visitor, Go For Broke National Education Center

Collaborative Museum Experience Design

Quatrefoil creates award-winning exhibitions and accessible interactives for museums, science centers, zoos and aquariums, historic places, cultural sites, and visitor attractions.Our collaborative approach centers community voices to create inclusive experiences that connect visitors’ stories with collections and promote participation in programs.

Quatrefoil designs take the anxiety out of investing in exhibits. We build flexible solutions, tailored to your team’s capacity, to make updates easy and keep exhibitions fresh and fluid. You work directly with the team members responsible for your project, so that communications and accountability are clear and response times quick.

We’re currently working on a concept plan for the Calfee Community & Cultural Center in Virginia , and a dozen other innovative experiences. Check out some of our work and let us know how we can help bring your vision to life!

“When I was working with Quatrefoil, I always felt that they were accessible and that was really wonderful for us to feel that we had a partner in collaborating on new and historic exhibits. They pushed us as far as ideas that we had not done before.”

Judith Stauber, Museum Director, Los Alamos History Museum